Demonstration Yard

NCBA maintains a demonstration bee yard as an opportunity to teach beekeeping techniques and to conduct small experiments with processes or equipment to better understand the options available.

The club generally maintains 8 hives, at times there maybe be fewer (winter/disease die off) and at other times there may be more (splits/nucs/swarms).

Everyone is welcome to attend demonstration yard activities. At minimum, a bee veil is required when near the demo yard, additional protective equipment is optional but recommended.

Address: 13320 Two Mile Rd (County Road 9)
Coordinates: 46.347341, -94.142880 — Google Maps

Activities may include:
– Installing new packages
– Spring clean outs
– Spring Feeding and Treatments
– Splits
– Requeening
– Supering
– Harvesting supers
– Fall Feeding and Treatments
– Winterizing

The honey produced in the bee yard is available for sale through the Northland Arboretum’s gift shop and at the Crow Wing County Fair bee booth.

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